The Conasauga River is one of the most biodiverse rivers in the world. This biodiversity is important for the community’s entire ecosystem, health, and potential future scientific discoveries. 

The exhibtion


A series of landscape images printed on Paris Chiffon were created from multiple river excursions led by local community members. One trip was guided by Limestone Valley RC&D Council’s, Stephen Botenkoe who took out a small group to experience the beauty of the river and surrounding area. Another was led by Dalton State College’s Professor John Lugthart with a group of ecology students and provided insight into the life that the Conasauga River supports.


246 volunteers gathered together for the 2022 cleanup. Many local schools encouraged their students to participate and many families with children came to the cleanup together. They hoped to teach the younger residents the importance of caring for our natural resources. In the twenty-eight years of the annual Conasauga River Watershed Cleanup, 7,069 volunteers have picked up 305,193 pounds of litter.


During the 2022 Conasauga River Watershed Cleanup, 15,996 pounds of trash were removed. Some of this trash was expected such as a multitude of single-use plastic water bottles, Coca-Cola cans, 28 tires, and many cigarette butts. Other finds were less expected such as a giant teddy bear, a stereo system, and multiple mattresses. Some litter was specific to a location. At one park with a tennis court over 30 rogue tennis balls were fished out of the waterway. Other spots, known for fishing, had many left behind fishing rods and fishing lines. 

fabrics currently on display @ artsbuild in Chattanooga, tn UNtil August 4,2023