A self-described multi-passionate entrepreneur , Tanqueray Harper, AKA “Juno”, is a visual storyteller who is committed to community

engagement and meaningful work that leads to impact. Juno has spent the last 10 years developing skills in storytelling as a photographer by day and performance artist by night and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing in environmental conservation. By creating shared community experiences that are specifically crafted to connect people to the natural world around them, Juno’s newest work is meant to be immersive and inspire action. Additionally, her work as an early education teaching artist has inspired adding an educational enrichment component to artistic projects that is geared towards young developing minds by way of age appropriate arts integration experiences relevant conservation. Juno is dedicated to implementing and, over time, evolving strategies that create free access and exposure to families from diverse backgrounds.

As a Family/Newborn Photographer turned Conservation/Community Engagement Artist, Juno has developed a unique perspective when it comes to visual storytelling that is purposefully guided by capturing joy. Influenced by many photojournalists and publications that successfully showcase the power of photo stories, Juno aspires to find, research, and craft multimedia artwork that share stories of hope and joy from unique perspectives that could otherwise not be seen by the general public in the next stage of her career.

flow and performing arts

 In 2011, I began training in Flow Arts and by 2012 joined the Chattanooga FIre Cabaret, the longest running local performance troupe that uses Flow and Circus Arts to create unique performance experiences till this day. Performing has stayed a key feature in my life as I have been training in movement and arts based activities ranging from competition cheerleading, dance, and musical theater throughout grade school. However, the introduction to flow arts in college, allowed for an expansion in performative skill sets that I continue to train for including theatrical danger acts, such as fire spinning, along with LED dancing, clowning, singing, cabaret, and comedy. Although I am still actively taking on performance gigs, I currently serve on the Board of Chattanooga Girls Rock and have consistent involvement in unique theatre groups like Playful Evolving Monsters, a puppet building performance group focused on personal evolution and sustainable living. These outlets have allowed the opportunity to build and offer Flow Workshops for all ages, using Science, nature, and movement to explore “object manipulation” and the world around us. 

I see art as the manifestation of the human experience communicated through some form of flow.

My theory is that if done right, elements of Flow arts can be used as an early intervention tool, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of the traditional education system for more varied types of learners, as well as lead to more innovative educational strategies that tap into creative thinking, prioritize development of emotional intelligence, and pull from a more whole body approach. Flow is the heartbeat of any artistic creation. It is the means of which we communicate how we perceive, internalize, and engage with the world around us.

Exploring more educational teaching methods will allow my art to intermingle with early education methodology on another level. I’d love to expose more people to practicing creative thinking through movement and normalizing mixed media playtime earlier on in education.

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